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Why You Should Think Twice Before Moving to Portland

Ah, Portland, Oregon. The climate is mild, the streets are clean and the marijuana is legal. All of these factors and more make the “Rose City” a popular relocation destination.

How To Pack Boxes Efficiently For Moving

Packing up boxes before a move can be an overwhelming task. Where do you even start? We consulted three professional organizers for their best advice on how to make packing as easy as possible — including minimizing stress and also preventing damage to your possessions.

The Biggest Celebrity Real Estate Deals of 2016

Celebrity home sales soared in 2016 as housing markets in Southern California and elsewhere continued to rebound from the Great Recession. While you may not recognize your life in theirs, the reasons celebrities pull up stakes aren’t worlds away from our own: marriage, divorce, new job, new family, upsizing and downsizing.

4 Best Apps For Finding an Apartment

Let’s face it: Finding an apartment is a drag. It can be stressful and time-consuming. And in the most competitive rental markets like New York City and San Francisco --

10 Tips For Moving on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend may not be the ideal time to move into a new home, but there are useful steps you can take to make sure you’ll stay in the holiday spirit while you’re relocating.