10 Signs You Need a Bigger Home

There comes a point in time in most people’s lives when they just can’t cram another thing, or person, into their current living environment. How do you know when it is time for an upgrade? Here are 10 sure fire signs it’s time to find a bigger place to live.

1. You have to wait 20 minutes to use a bathroom in the morning.

2. You react like this when unexpected guests drop by.

3. Your living room doubles as a bed room.

4. Finding space for new stuff is always a challenge.

5. Any free space is a precious resource.

6. When family comes to visit, it is always a negotiation.

7. You are constantly knocking things over that are in your way.

8. Your home wish list keeps getting longer and longer.

9. Your kids (or you and your spouse) are always bickering.

10. This is how you feel in just about every room of your house.

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