10 Tips For Moving on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend may not be the ideal time to move into a new home, but there are useful steps you can take to make sure you’ll stay in the holiday spirit while you’re relocating. 

A moving can mark an exciting new beginning in your life. Amy Trager, a professional organizer based in Chicago, says there’s nothing to prevent you from making your holiday move a celebration of all things to be thankful for.

“Be excited about this step in your life,” she said. “Embrace it.”

Here are 10 tips for making the most of a Thanksgiving weekend move:

1. Get organized.

Trager says your holiday move will go more smoothly if you take time to pack ahead of time.

“Ideally you would have everything packed when the movers arrive,” she said. “At least have everything packed that you won’t need that morning.”

Movers in new house

2. Be prepared to pay extra

Many moving companies will be closed on Thanksgiving. Alison Kero, a professional organizer based in New York City, said you should prepared to pay extra if you want to hire a moving crew to work on the holiday.

“You would have to factor that into your budget,” she said.

Shop around for the best price.

3. Get rid of things you don’t need.

If you can donate old clothes and furniture to thrift stores or hold a garage sale prior to your move, you’ll lighten your moving day load. Doing this will give you more time to celebrate Thanksgiving in your new home.

4. Start early.

If you plan on using professional movers, try to be their very first job of the day, said Trager. If you book a move in the late morning or the afternoon, unforeseen problems with other moves may make your moving crew late.

5. Combine work with fun.

Julie Naylon, a professional organizer based in Los Angeles, says there’s no reason you can’t put up some holiday decorations in your new home to enjoy as you move in. Bring some holiday treats for you and your moving crew to enjoy.

6. Find someone to watch the kids.

Because moving heavy objects can be dangerous, it’s essential to have someone lined up to take care of small children, if you have them. Make sure they aren’t underfoot when furniture comes through the door of your new home.

Evening with friends in new condo

7. Plan your Thanksgiving meal.

You probably won’t have time to cook a big meal, so make alternative plans. You can have food delivered to your new home or you can take your moving helpers to a nearby restaurant for a Thanksgiving dinner. Some grocery stores, like Whole Foods Market, offers advance ordering for Thanksgiving meals.

8. Don’t try to unpack everything in one day.

No matter how much help you have, moving can be exhausting. Trager says you’ll have an easier time if you first unpack the things you will need most, such as bathroom and kitchen supplies.

9. Plan to take breaks.

You may be in a hurry to move, but things will go more smoothly if you take breaks from time to time. Stopping periodically to catch your breath and take stock of your progress “can make a world of difference on a chaotic moving day,” said Trager.

10. Tip generously.

If you use professional movers, it’s customary to tip them if they do a good job. Since they are giving up their holiday, thanking them properly will help you get into the holiday spirit.

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