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8 Home Improvement Ideas With Big Payoffs

Whether you’re considering remodeling simply for your own benefit as a homeowner or intend to sell, certain home improvement ideas and renovation projects boost your home’s value. There are so many directions you could go with home improvement projects to boost value, from replacing kitchen cabinets to adding a bathroom. However, you can save money with simple DIY upgrades and makeovers that fetch an attractive return. 

What Are the Easiest Home Renovations with Big Payoffs?

From new fixtures in the bathroom to installing a tile backsplash in the kitchen, sometimes, the simplest changes make a huge difference. Some of the easiest renovations involve basic adjustments to either functional fixtures or the appearance of a property. Check out these DIY projects that could easily give your home’s value a quick boost. 

1. Create More Storage Space

bathroom shelving

From taking advantage of dead space to creating a closet to installing shelves in the basement, enhanced storage always equates to a more attractive home in terms of marketability. Consider turning a spare coat closet into a kitchen pantry, adding a permanent storage cabinet in the bathroom, or installing bookshelves in the living room.  

2. Change Up Your Light Fixtures or Create More Light

kitchen light fixtures over an island

Installing light fixtures is one of those simple home improvement projects that can make a dramatic difference in home value. Better lighting doesn’t just enhance functionality, it also can mean better lighting, which is just as valuable. For example, new light fixtures could brighten a dimly lit bathroom and make it feel more modern and updated. 

3. Opt for a More Open Floor Plan

home with an open floorplan

Open floor plans started to show up in the 1950s, and they have quickly grown to be a buyer preference. Simply removing one non-load-bearing wall can create a more open space. For example, you could remove a wall that divides the living room and kitchen or kitchen and dining room to open up the space. Studies show pen floor plans increase a home’s value by up to 7.4% annually

4. Transform Your Bedroom into a Primary Suite

primary bedroom suite

Having a master suite installed can yield a 63% return on investment. If your home only has standard bedrooms with no bathrooms attached, adding a bathroom to just one can elevate your home value substantially. 

5. Finish the Basement

finished basement with a guest bed

A finished basement can fetch a 4.6% boost in a home’s value per year. While finishing a basement can be a bit more time-consuming in terms of home improvement ideas and may not be totally DIY, the investment can be worth it due to the big payoff if you decide to sell. 

6. Create Space in the Attic

finished attic with office space

The attic is an often-forgotten extra space overhead that holds a lot of potential. If your attic is accessible via stairs or even a ladder, consider turning the unused area into something more valuable. A few good ideas include a quiet library or home office, a playroom for kids, or even simply a finished storage space with shelving. 

7. Paint the Front Door

orange painted front door

Did you know that painting a front door black could boost a home’s sale price by over $6,000? The front door is a focal point for the home, and a huge deal when it comes to curb appeal. So if you want the simplest DIY home improvement ideas on a budget, painting your front door is definitely something to consider. 

8. Swap Your Paint Colors for a New Hue

living room with bright turquoise wall paint

A new coat of paint can transform a dull and tired home interior or exterior into something more modern and attractive to buyers. Consider using a lighter color in small rooms to open them up. Adding an accent color to the living room or bedroom can give a designer appeal as well. 

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