5 Ways to Use Your Armoire to Prepare for the Holidays

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and the holidays are quickly approaching.

With family and friends arriving soon and china sets getting undusted shortly, storage space can start running low this time of year. It may be time to introduce an armoire or hutch to stay organized during the festivities. From storing linens for visiting guests to creating new storage for your favorite party dishes, an armoire is a wonderful home addition for the holidays.

1. Storage for Guests

Don’t let the guest room get packed to the brim and create unnecessary stress during an already busy time. Instead, bring in an armoire for an instant guest closet and give your visitors plenty of space to store their goods. No matter the style—from simple and unadorned to ornately detailed—an armoire adds instant coziness to a room.

If redecorating is on your list for the new year, use your new armoire as a jumping-off point for a bold new guest room. Go modern with a contemporary piece with metallic accents, or add traditional embellishment with a vintage creation.

2. Kitchen Hutch for the Holidays

Hutches have been used for storage in kitchens for centuries, and for good reason. In addition to being a statement piece, kitchen hutches are fantastic at housing everything from small appliances to miscellaneous dish ware. Move your armoire to the kitchen to store your favorite serving platter, holiday dishes and table decorations and keep them within easy reach.

You can also use your kitchen hutch as additional counter space. From a buffet table for Thanksgiving dinner to a cooling station for your decadent holiday pies, the kitchen hutch is a jack of all trades.

3. Makeshift Linen Closet

Use an armoire as additional storage space for linens, blankets, towels and more. Their wide shelves make stacking bulky bedding a breeze, while built-in drawers keep toiletries and bathroom knick-knacks tucked away. Try one with a hanging section to house robes and coats.

Liven up a simple master bathroom with a rustic armoire or add warmth to a hallway with a beautifully sleek hutch. Not only will it free up valuable space in cramped closets, but it will keep linens consolidated and easy to locate.

4. Hidden Spot for Entertainment

Stash away holiday entertainment with a versatile armoire in the living room. Armoires are popular in living spaces for a reason—larger ones can easily tuck away a large sized television, all while having room to spare for holiday DVDs and satellite boxes. Stash away family board games and cards, or utilize the expansive capacity for storing books and cozy blankets for those cold winter nights.

Add a few holiday decorations like tinsel or string lights to make it festive, and you’ve got yourself an instant entertainment center.

5. Extra Space for the Kids

There is no bigger highlight for a child than opening presents during the holidays. But don’t let the post-present extravaganza leave you with overflowing closets. Add an armoire into the kids’ room for an easy storage fix. Wide shelves make it easy to house storage bins for toys, while narrower shelves or drawers can be used for books, art supplies and miscellaneous knick-knacks.

Don’t forget: Large, freestanding furniture can be a safety issue around climbing kiddos. Make sure to anchor armoires and dressers to the wall with earthquake straps to prevent them from toppling over.

How do you like to use your armoire during the holidays?

Armoires and holidays go together like pepper and salt, according to Kerrie Kelly, who heads up the team at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kerrie writes on holiday and all other decor styles for The Home Depot. If you are researching an armoire for the holidays in your home, you can visit Home Depot’s website here.

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