Dave Hester

8 reasons why everyone loves to hate Dave Hester of ‘Storage Wars’

Although there’s no scientific proof, it’s not a stretch to crown Dave Hester of “Storage Wars” as one of the most hated people on reality TV. In the most-hated department, he’d probably be rank right up there with a few of those reality-TV housewives.

Viewers generally don’t care much for Hester, and he certainly hasn’t made any friends among his castmates. Not-so-nice terms that have been thrown at him include brusque, arrogant, disdainful, rude, spoiled, crass and vile. And those are some of the more civil descriptions you’ll come across; we can’t publish the harshest ones.

Here at SelfStorage.com, we decided to round up eight of the reasons why everyone loves to hate Dave Hester and compile them in this infographic.


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