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How to downsize without losing your sanity

A smaller home or apartment can provide a less stressful and more affordable lifestyle, but getting rid of stuff to move into a smaller space is no easy feat. We talked

The evolution of the American home [infographic]

The year is 1994. The bodyguard for ice skater Tonya Harding attacks ice skater Nancy Kerrigan. The deadly Northridge earthquake hits Southern California. Former President Richard Nixon dies. L.A. cops

How to Prepare your Car for Summer

Summer is right around the corner! Although summer driving is generally safer than winter driving, the summer heat can be particularly hard on certain parts of your car, including the

Here’s why your front door could shut the door on a home sale

In the home-selling market, looks matter — a lot. Real estate experts say refurbishing or even replacing a front door and sprucing up the exterior entry can improve your chances

Face value: How your home can make a great first impression when it’s up for sale

Curb appeal is the first thing that potential buyers notice as they drive up to a home. Whether it’s a well-manicured lawn, flowerpots on the front porch or updated light