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8 storage auction myths debunked [infographic]

If you’ve watched even one episode of “Storage Wars” or “Auction Hunters,” you might think you’re properly schooled when it comes to In fact, reality TV perpetuates some misconceptions about

Follow these 5 tips to pare your pantry

From extra time spent on meal prep to unpleasant smells (how old is that garlic?), the problems that come with having a cluttered, disorganized pantry can add frustration to your

8 reasons why everyone loves to hate Dave Hester of ‘Storage Wars’

Although there’s no scientific proof, it’s not a stretch to crown Dave Hester of Viewers generally don’t care much for Hester, and he certainly hasn’t made any friends among his

Tips for sharing a self-storage unit

You can reduce your self-storage costs if you share your unit and split the rent, but be sure to find a compatible storage roommate. Sharing a storage unit is very much

Pro Tips for Proper Book Storage

Learn how to properly pack and store books for long-term storage. Make sure they maintain their quality while in self-storage.