10 great wines for 10 dollars or less

Ready to toast your new place but don’t want to break the bank?

We’ve put together a list of 10 great wines for $10 or less, so you can celebrate your move without adding to your expenses. Opinions about wine are as common as the types of wine themselves. In other words, not every bottle of Cabernet pleases the palates or personalities of wine drinkers. Therefore, any list of the “best” wines winds up being subjective.

In this infographic, SelfStorage.com identifies 10 of the best wines for $10 or less. We consulted wine experts Christian Galliani and Len Napolitano along with Consumer Reports magazine, MensHealth.com and ReverseWineSnob.com to come up with our list. We can’t promise that all of these wines will suit your taste buds, but we hope you’ll be able to sip and savor at least some of them.

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