Raleigh vs. Charlotte: Which is more boring?

When we released our list of Top Hot Spots for Tech Startups earlier this month, we had no idea that Raleigh taking the top spot would generate the kind of controversy it did. Apparently, Raleigh’s success on our list provoked a bold — some might say jealous — opinion piece from a columnist at the Charlotte Observer arguing that Raleigh’s inventiveness is a result of how little there is to do there. Shots fired, Charlotte — how would Raleigh respond?

**Please read an important update after the infographic.

By embracing their boringness, it would seem. Rather than fighting back, some Raleighites have managed to make Raleigh’s ‘boring’ character a matter of pride. Local clothing company House of Swank may have even coined Raleigh’s new motto: ‘Keep Raleigh Boring’, which it’s now printing on t-shirts, one of which your writer is now a proud owner of:

Keep Raleigh Boring

We’re Keeping Raleigh Boring here at the SelfStorage.com offices down in Austin, TX

But here at SelfStorage.com, we’re not content with such feuds being left open. We’ve decided to put the nail in the coffin with a rigorous, super-scientific infographic that will once and for all solve the question of whether Charlotte or Raleigh is the more boring city.

Since there’s nothing better to do there, take a look at our storage listings in Raleigh and Charlotte.

Raleigh vs Charlotte

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**Update: Following the release of our infographic, we were approached by Keep Charlotte Boring, who argues that their version of the slogan predates Raleigh’s. While we’re not going to make the case that one was coined before the other, further investigation does reveal that Keep Charlotte Boring had been operating prior to the #KeepRaleighBoring response to Mark Washburn’s column. And while we do have ample evidence that both cities are indeed total snores, we had to conclude that Charlotte was the bigger bore — so we’re going to give Keep Charlotte Boring the win.

How dull can you go? Stats are one thing, but there’s nothing more fun (or boring?) than a good, old-fashioned Tweet-off! Tweet @SelfStorageInc with the most uninteresting photo you can using the hashtag #KeepRaleighBoring or #KeepCharlotteBoring and settle the debate once and for all! More details here.

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