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San Diego’s Changing Skyline

San Diego’s downtown is booming.

Over the past few decades the lion’s share of the city’s growth has taken place out in the suburbs, while downtown San Diego remained a business district. But in the past few years that has begun to change, as San Diegans have flocked to their downtown in order to be closer to work and the new urban amenities popping up in trendy neighborhoods like the Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy and the East Village. Now, downtown San Diego’s current population of 30,000 is expected to triple over the next three decades to over 90,000 residents–and these 60,000 new residents will need new places to live, to work and to play, bringing with them a rapid revitalization sure to reshape the San Diego skyline and make downtown a denser, more livable and more vibrant urban environment.

In the following infographic we’ve mapped out where current plans call for new development in downtown San Diego. Some of these plans are vague and consist only of architectural renderings and proposed start dates years into the future; others have been approved and will soon break ground; still others are under construction at this very moment. Some of these buildings may never be built, while others are sure to rise that have yet to be proposed and so are not included here (we hope a few San Diego self-storage facilities eventually pop up).

No matter what, San Diego’s skyline is sure to change, and here’s what it might look like:


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