Stuck for Ideas? Set Up Your Bedroom Like Your Favorite Author’s

When you’re looking for inspiration for the interiors of your home, the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Virgina Woolf or Flannery O’Connor may not be obvious design gurus. The thing about great writers is that they’re known for their words and their cerebral ideas – not for the way they encountered space out in the real world. But think a little deeper and you’ll see why it can be a very good idea to turn to your literary hero when you’re looking for ideas on how to set up your bedroom.

For one thing, writers need a strong sense of rhythm and structure. In most cases, a great novel has a sturdy and carefully-planned skeleton propping it up – even if the greatest writers are adept at hiding that underlying form. Your bedroom, like a novel, must match order and organization with comfort and emotions. Hemingway’s bedroom, for example, was composed of dramatic open spaces punctuated with solid, no-nonsense furniture, while he made sure to have big wide windows that always suggested a world of adventure and of the unknown beyond the immediate scene.

And for another thing, writers spend an awful lot of time at home. It is often where they both work and play, so a lot of thought and ideas-testing goes into figuring out what should go where. A writer’s room must be calm yet familiar, personal but not over-stimulating – just like a bedroom. It makes sense that the great writers would discover how best to achieve this.

The people at Home Advisor stumbled upon just this concept, and they’ve put their research into this fabulous new visual guide to the bedrooms of some of literatures greatest novelists, poets and memoirists. So if you’re struggling to find a concept for your bedroom – why not take a leaf out of your favorite author’s book?


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