Tips For Washing Your Clothes and Maximizing Their Longevity

Homemaker or career person, whoever you are, one thing is for sure you are not spared from the chore called laundry!

Along with all your other household chores, this is an important one if you want to look clean and tidy. Well, the fact is that although a majority of people know to do their laundry, most of them might not have an idea of how frequently or how rarely a particular type of cloth needs to be washed. Depending on how we wash our clothes and how often we wash our clothes, the lifespan of our clothes is determined.

The health of our clothes shows how we are washing them. Most of the time we tend to assume we know how it is done, and in our lifespan dedicated to laundry, we would have been habituated to some of the things which might be very wrong for the clothes like stuffing our washing machine with clothing more than needed, using too much of soap powder, not spending time to separate different fabrics or colored ones from the white ones, ignoring the stains which can all lead to cutting the lifespan of your clothes and also making them look ugly very fast.

Check out this infographic to learn about tips for washing clothes in a simple yet detailed way on how frequently you should wash different clothing like your jeans, coats, curtains, rugs, jackets, towels, quilts, blankets, etc. Each clothing needs to be washed at a different frequency, and the infographic also offers tips on how to wash them and the do’s and don’ts about washing particular


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