9 Secrets to Better Organize Your Bedroom Closet

Cleaning and organizing your closet can seem like a daunting task.

And you’re right—it can be.

But if you have a plan it won’t be so bad.

It might not be a fun chore, but cleaning out your closet can be good for you, both mentally and physically. Ridding your life of clutter and making room for the important things can be quite cathartic.

To make it a little bit easier, check out our 9 unique bedroom closet organizing tips. Follow along step by step and your closet will be clean in no time!

Create Toss, Donate, and Keep Piles

Any effective organization project starts with creating three important piles:

  • Toss
  • Donate
  • Keep

Go through your closet section by section, shelf by shelf, and put everything into one of the three piles. It’s the only way to ensure that things you can get rid of won’t end up buried inside.

Trash whatever is actual garbage, but try to donate as much as you can. You might not have worn those jeans or tee shirts in five years, but someone else might be able to use them.

Store Your Most-Used Items at Eye Level

When it comes time to put items back into your closet, arrange them in a way that allows for easy access to your favorites.

Store your most frequently used items at eye level.

Store the items you use less often higher up on a shelf or on the floor in a storage bin. That way, you won’t have to dig through your closet to find the things you always use.

Use Boxes, Drawers, and Hangers Strategically

Don’t run to Target and buy a bunch of bins, hangers, and storage boxes until you have a plan in place. Decide how you want to arrange things and stick to your plan to keep like items grouped together.

Do you want to hang your pants or put them in a drawer? Do you plan to hang your dresses? What are you going to do with all those belts, accessories, and scarves?

Before you decide where and how to place things, take a tape measure and figure out how much your closet can hold. Jot the measurements down on a piece and paper and take that with you when you go shopping. And before you buy any boxes or bins, check the measurements on the package to make sure they are going to fit.

Keep Linens and Towels Neat and Organized

There’s nothing worse than having to dig through your closet to find a clean pair of bedsheets or a bath towel. It’s easy to overlook storage for linens, so make sure you create a designated place just for them.

Check out these shelf dividers from Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon. They easily attach to your existing closet shelf to increase storage and encourage organization.

If You Live In a Small Space, Replace Doors with Curtains

Closet doors often restrict how much you can place inside. Free up space by removing your door and replacing it with a curtain. A curtain will add a little extra flair to your bedroom, and it will make it easier to access items and maximize space.

Add Another Bar To Hang Clothes and Outerwear

It can be a challenge squeezing all your hangers onto one storage bar. If you have a small closet or have a lot of clothes, consider adding another bar. To create even more space, offset the height of both bars and you’ll instantly be able to enjoy more storage.

Check out this clothing bar from Amazon. They come in packs of one or two, and they’re perfect for hanging shirts, pants, and skirts.

Utilize Wasted Wall Space Near Your Closet

If your closet is overflowing with hats and scarves, don’t even try to cram them in. Instead of stuffing them into a drawer, show them off! With Command hooks, it’s easy to create a wall display to hang and access scarves, necklaces, and other accessories.

With an accessory display on the wall, you’ll free up space in your closet and add some color to your room. You’re also more likely to wear items if they’re readily accessible and easy to see.

Continuously Purge Items

Our personal styles tend to evolve and change over time, so get in the habit of purging and donating things on a regular basis. Spend some time every few weeks or every few months to get rid of things that you don’t wear.

If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. If you’re holding onto something decades old that you think will come back in style, toss it. The only way to make room for new stuff is to downsize get rid of some older things.

Make It a Roommate Effort!

Is your roommate’s closet also bursting at the seams? Make it a group effort and encourage those you live with to get in on the action. To make it more fun, have a clothing exchange amongst yourselves or help each other decide what you no longer need.

When you’re all done, you can make your donations together and feel good about the work you’ve done. It’s a great way to spring clean your apartment and it can actually be fun if you do it together.


No one wants to spend an entire day cleaning out their closet, but if you do it once and keep up with it, you won’t have to tackle such a big mess the next time. With a plan in mind, you should be able to organize it all in a matter of hours.

Know what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of before you run out and buy boxes and bins. Measure your closet to make sure storage boxes will fit. Consider shelving dividers or additional clothing bars to maximize space. And if you want to make more fun, get your roommate to join you. Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be able to create the closet of your dreams!

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