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Best Places to Find Moving Boxes (some for free!)

Finding boxes is one of the biggest challenges when preparing for a move. Fortunately, there are a handful of great places to find affordable or free moving boxes so you don’t have to break the bank on purchasing these necessities.

How Much Do Moving Boxes Cost?

How much moving boxes cost you depends on several factors, including the number of belongings you have. For example, if you live in a studio apartment and have a moderate amount of belongings, expect to spend around $35 and $50 on moving boxes. If you’re a one-bedroom apartment renter, you may need to pay approximately $61 to $85 for moving boxes. And if you have a two-bedroom apartment, you may spend between $73 and $100.

How To Determine the Number of Boxes You Need

The number of boxes you’ll need depends on many variables. For instance, if you’re a minimalist, you may need fewer boxes than if you have lots of belongings. Consider the following base estimates to begin your personal calculations:

  • Studio apartment: 6 small, 8 medium, 8 large, and 5 extra large moving boxes
  • One-bedroom apartment: 7 small, 14 medium, 13 large, and 11 extra large moving boxes
  • Two-bedroom apartment: 8 small, 17 medium, 16 large, and 13 extra large moving boxes

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Best Places To Find Free Moving Boxes

Looking to save on packing supplies and boxes, there are plenty of options for free boxes. However, when you go to pickup the boxes, you’ll want to make sure they’re in good condition so you don’t arrive to your new home with damaged belongings. Here are some of the best places to find free moving boxes:

  • Craigslist: You can use Craigslist‘s free section to see if anyone is giving away free boxes.
  • Retailers: Consider asking local retailers, like grocery and liquor stores, if they have some moving boxes you can take off their hands.
  • Apartment Complexes: You can also go into an apartment complex office near you and speak to the manager to find out if they have free moving boxes available.
  • Recycling Centers: Stop by your local recycling center and ask the attendant if they have boxes, or take a look into the cardboard box bin and see what’s available.

Best Place To Purchase Moving Boxes

If you decide to hire a moving company they will typically provide boxes and moving supplies, like bubble wrap and packaging paper, but if you’re planning a DIY move there are plenty of places to buy boxes. Just make sure you know how many boxes and what size you’ll need so you don’t overspend unnecessarily. Here are some of the best places to purchase moving boxes:

  • U-Haul: This is best if you’re renting a storage unit or moving truck.
  • Home Depot: This is best if you need to check box details online before you purchase in-store.
  • Amazon: This is best if you want your moving boxes delivered to your doorstep.
  • Walmart: Many Walmart stores are open 24/7, so they’re best if you run out of packing boxes late the night before you move.
  • This is best if you want to buy kits for all your moving supplies that include bubble wrap, packing tape and packing paper.

Best Moving Box Sizes for Almost Anything

Here are some of the best moving box sizes for almost anything:

  • Small (16″x12″x12″): This is ideal for packing things like kitchen gadgets, CDs or DVDs, and books.
  • Medium (18″x16″x18″): This is great for things like decorative items and towels.
  • Large (18″x18″x24″): These big boxes are best for items like drapes, beddings, small appliances, and pillows.
  • Extra-large (24″x20″x24″): This can hold big, lightweight items such as pillows, comforters, and sports equipment.

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