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Self-Storage Units: Business and Commercial Storage Spaces

Many businesses find themselves running out of physical space. They may have too much inventory on hand, operate out of their home, or rent too small of a space. In some cases, long-term commercial storage of some type is needed. Have you run out of room for your essentials at your location? If so, then definitely consider the flexibility of commercial storage locations.

Types of Storage Options

Most folks think that storage is used largely for the temporary placements of goods during a moving process or another similar event. In fact, storage units are utilized in many different ways. In almost all cases, they function as a tailor-made warehouse for your business or enterprise.

Many businesses store their records and important paperwork at storage facilities. There are specialized storage facilities for cars, trucks, boats, and even oversized vehicles if needed by your business. Some businesses use equipment or inventory on a seasonal basis, and they commonly utilize commercial storage space. Since storage contracts typically run month-to-month you can utilize storage units for a few months or long term if you’re one of many businesses that have evolved into a fully remote workforce.

Amenities To Consider for Storage Needs

When looking for a storage unit, you’ll want to consider what amenities you require. Climate controlled storage options are popular as are those with excellent security and lighting systems in place. Climate control can be especially important so that mold and mildew do not destroy important records.

As your needs dictate, look for business facilities with amenities like Wi-Fi, adjoining conference rooms, and other office extras such as furniture, fax machines, and printers. Find out if the facility has 24-7 access hours.  Most storage rental companies offer a list of FAQs highlighting their range of amenities that you should review before renting a space.

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Common Business Storage Unit Sizes

When looking for a business or commercial storage option, you’ll be pleased to know that there are numerous sizes and dimensions from which to choose. Normally, storage unit sizes range from small 5′ by 5 ‘ units, through medium-sized options of at or around 10′ by 10’, to larger facilities, sometimes with several rooms. Custom sizes are also available in many cases.

Businesses that Can Benefit from Commercial Storage

Numerous business types can benefit from commercial storage. Some of these businesses include:

  • retail
  • real estate
  • construction
  • medical or pharmaceutical
  • restaurants
  • various small businesses

Any business that has a large inventory, lots of equipment, or limited storage at their primary locations is a good candidate.

Self-employed or home businesses often need additional storage space for their inventory and equipment. Contractors, especially those that are in the construction or real-estate maintenance businesses, are often ideal candidates for business storage solutions.

In some cases, you can run a business directly out of a storage unit. With the proper amenities, the unit itself can be an excellent central location for many business operations. You may even be able to save on your taxes by using deductions and credits pertaining to office space. Just be sure to call the facility to learn about all storage features offered.

Many businesses forgo a brick-and-mortar storefront and offer their goods and services entirely sales online. A storage unit can be indispensable for the warehousing of inventory for this business model.

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