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8 reasons why everyone loves to hate Dave Hester of ‘Storage Wars’

Although there’s no scientific proof, it’s not a stretch to crown Dave Hester of Viewers generally don’t care much for Hester, and he certainly hasn’t made any friends among his

How to store kitchenware

If you’ve ever picked up a box full of shattered glass, you understand why packing and storing kitchen items requires an extra dose of care. Whether you’re worried about cracked

How to store a car

Whether you’re going on an extended trip or you’ve simply run out of room at home, you’ve got a variety of options for storing your vehicle at a self-storage facility. Some businesses

Tips for sharing a self-storage unit

You can reduce your self-storage costs if you share your unit and split the rent, but be sure to find a compatible storage roommate. Sharing a storage unit is very much

How to store books

Think storing your books is easy as A-B-C? Well, if you don’t take the right steps when putting them into storage, you could return to a unit full of books