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How To Store Antique Furniture for Longevity

As you change up the look of your home, antique furniture doesn’t always match the aesthetic. When that happens, you have to make a choice: 1) let the

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Forget snakes on a plane; imagine finding a couple hidden among the contents of a storage unit you just purchased at auction. Auctioneer Rich Schur, the owner of "My weirdest unit

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While storing weed dates back to ancient Egypt, we’re fortunate enough to have better options than clay pots in the 21st century. Now that marijuana is legal

How to store bicycles and cycling gear

Whether you ride it to work every day or you just take it to the neighborhood park every now and then, your bike has probably been exposed to harsh weather

Messy car? 6 tips to keep it clean and organized

I feel like an expert on the subject of messy cars. Mine is a receptacle for work and school papers, sports equipment, mail, reusable grocery bags, pens and pencils, coffee