How Big Is Stan Kroenke’s New Ranch?

Last week Stan Kroenke, the billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Rams, bought the biggest single-fence ranch in Texas.

No word yet on how much Kroenke paid for the W.T. Waggoner Ranch, but the asking price was $725 million.

“This is an incredible opportunity and an even greater responsibility,” said Kroenke in a statement announcing the sale, “We will continue to preserve and protect this uniquely American treasure.”

So, how big is it exactly?

At more than 800 square miles, the Waggoner Ranch is bigger than New York City and Los Angeles combined. Until now, the ranch stayed in the same family since Texas first became a state.  It is home to about 500 quarter horses, 3,800 heads of cattle and 1,000 oil wells. The operation employs about 120 people as well.

More than anything, there is an abundance of wide open spaces. So just how much of other places could you fit inside the ranch’s boundaries? Check out our infographic below to find out:


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