Why winter is the best time to move

Moving homes is a massive undertaking at any time of year. But doing it during the winter months, when people are spending more time indoors and competition for buying and renting homes is less intense, can ease some of the usual stress.

Take advantage of these quieter, less hectic months to pack up your stuff, switch homes, and settle in.

It’s an off-season

Winter, especially as it relates to the housing market, is widely considered to be an off-season.

“Home prices peak during summer months like June through August and hit rock bottom during December,” said Beatriz Castaneda of Simple Moving Labor.

Not only will you save money on a new home by moving during the winter, you’ll also face less competition when it comes to hiring moving help.

“Moving in the winter is often easier on the customer since most companies are busier in warmer weather,” said Matt Patterson, the chief operating officer of Bellhops, “That means it’s less of a hassle to rent trucks and find moving labor.”

Patterson also notes that the actual moving days—when you are schlepping boxes and hauling furniture—are much calmer during the quieter winter months.

“Apartment elevators aren’t as crammed with multiple people moving couches, and truck pick-up is much quicker with shorter lines,” Patterson said.

Scheduling movers like those provided by Bellhops is more flexible during the off-season.

Scheduling movers like those provided by Bellhops is more flexible during the off-season.

Schedules are less hectic

January marks the end of the busy holiday season and the start of a few blissful months of rest and recuperation.

Kids are back in school, upcoming holidays are few and far between, and downtime is plentiful. This means there’s more time to pack and organize your home without having to miss out on fun opportunities, cancel plans, or rearrange your schedule to squeeze in your move preparation.

It’s faster

The drop in temperature in the winter makes it easier to transport all your stuff from one place to another without feeling like you want to give up and take shelter on the street. Moving companies are also more efficient than they would be in 100-degree August weather.

“The cool temperatures help with work speed since work crews aren’t being drained by sweltering heat,” said Patterson.

Moving companies are more flexible

The lower demand for moving help during the winter means moving companies have more time and energy to accommodate their customers.

“We make sure to work together with our customers to reschedule if there is a snow storm or if moving dates change,” Castaneda said.

Less people hiring movers also means these companies are more open to short-notice moves, according to Patterson.

Plus, customer service from moving companies may just become even better starting in January. Patterson said that Bellhops uses the slower winter months as an opportunity to “test innovative customer service techniques.” In other words, you could be first to enjoy exclusive perks.


It’s easier to pack

Cold temperatures, gray skies, and fewer daylight hours are actually conducive to packing and organizing. The period of weather-induced hibernation that follows December means you’re spending more time indoors and at home.

The dark winter evenings are the perfect time to cozy up and tackle all the packing-related tasks you’ve been meaning to get to for months. Spending time decluttering, organizing and sorting through your belongings will make packing and unpacking that much easier.

It’s cheaper

It’s not just homes and rentals that are cheaper during the winter months—moving companies are, too.

Castaneda said that most moving companies offer lower rates and discounts from January through March, which “ends up saving customers’ money, time, and overall stress.”

You have more time to settle in

When you move during the winter, you have the entire spring to unpack, furnish your home, organize your belongings, and style your space before the summer arrives. You can use the slower months to experiment with fun decor, test out your favorite storage methods, and add the little personal touches and details that make your house feel like a home—all while feeling entirely un-rushed.

By the time summer arrives, you’ll feel completely settled in and ready to socialize, host guests, and dive head-on into the season’s activities.

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