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How to Organize a New Home After You Move

Moving to a new house means a fresh start at being organized. Professional organizer Denise Mazzanti, owner of It’s Your Move in Honolulu, recommends starting by being organized about the move

5 Ways to Use Your Armoire to Prepare for the Holidays

With family and friends arriving soon and china sets getting undusted shortly, storage space can start running low this time of year. It may be time to introduce an armoire or hutch to stay organized during the festivities.

25 Ways to Use Ornaments Without a Tree

Christmas tree ball ornaments are one of the most inexpensive and flexible holiday decorating accessories you can find.

8 Ways to Maximize Closet Space

What’s wrong with your closet? Not enough space, or too many clothes? Maybe it’s a little of both. Whether you have a tiny closet, a freestanding armoire or a huge walk-in,

How to Organize Your Junk Drawers

There’s one thing every kitchen must have: a great junk drawer. If you are thinking about overhauling your kitchen or designing a new one, you’ll want to plan on adding one