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Moving an entire house sounds impossible, here is how it’s done

Watching a house being transported down the road on a massive truck is quite a sight. Questions might pop into your head: Why would somebody plop down a home somewhere else?

How Big is Alaska?

Everyone knows that In order to get around these distortions and give you a better idea of Alaska's true size, we used Embed this image on your site

How Virtual Reality Will Change the World

It isn't just for video games. Rapid advancements in virtual reality and augmented reality technology are poised to alter our daily life over the next several years. Everything from education, the

How Big is California?

At 163,696 square miles, In order to compensate for these mapping distortions, we used Also, because this is the kind of thing we think about at SelfStorage.com, you'd need 22.8

7 Tips For Moving To Nowhere

As something of a gypsy journalist, I’ve moved a couple dozen times, coast to coast and border to border, over the years, ever thankful that the Internet came along in