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America’s 9 fastest-growing college towns

Thanks to their economic strength and cultural amenities, college towns are magnets for Millennials and retirees alike. As a result, many college towns are seeing their populations swell.

In fact, the country’s fastest-growing city from 2013 to 2014 is a college town: San Marcos, TX, home to Texas State University.

The SelfStorage.com Moving Blog crunched data from the U.S. Census Bureau to come up with a list of the fastest-growing college towns from 2013 to 2014. San Marcos, which is part of the Austin metro area, came out on top.

The Greater San Marcos Partnership cites several reasons why you should flock to the country’s fastest-growing college town (and fastest-growing city):

“The quality of life in the region is unsurpassed by any other in Texas. Excellent year-round weather, low cost of living, affordable housing, abundant outdoor activities and above-average school districts make greater San Marcos an excellent choice for anyone looking to move to or visit the area.”

Our list features only those cities with at least 50,000 residents, and only those cities that qualify as traditional college towns by virtue of the dominance of a major university.

Here is the SelfStorage.com Moving Blog’s list of America’s fastest-growing college towns.

1. San Marcos, TX

Texas State University campus

Major university: Texas State University
2013-2014 population increase: 7.926%
2013 population: 54,567
2014 population: 58,892

2. Austin, TX

University of Texas

Major university: University of Texas
2013-2014 population increase: 2.893%
2013 population: 887,124
2014 population: 912,791

3. Fort Collins, CO

Colorado State University

Major university: Colorado State University
2013-2014 population increase: 2.701%
2013 population: 152,365
2014 population: 156,480

4. College Station, TX

Texas A&M

Major university: Texas A&M University
2013-2014 population increase: 2.598%
2013 population: 100,863
2014 population: 103,483

5. Durham, NC

Duke University

Major university: Duke University
2013-2014 population increase: 2.571%
2013 population: 245,578
2014 population: 251,893

6. Tempe, AZ

Arizona State University

Major university: Arizona State University
2013-2014 population increase: 2.329%
2013 population: 168,883
2014 population: 172,816

7. Auburn, AL

Auburn University

Major university: Auburn University
2013-2014 population increase: 2.231%
2013 population: 58,943
2014 population: 60,258

8. Iowa City, IA

University of Iowa

Major university: University of Iowa
2013-2014 population increase: 2.163%
2013 population: 71,861
2014 population: 73,415

9. Fayetteville, AR

University of Arkansas

Major university: University of Arkansas
2013-2014 population increase: 2.027%
2013 population: 79,019
2014 population: 80,621

Data source: U.S. Census Bureau

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