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Tips for Avoiding the Most Common Moving Scams

Your moving day is fast approaching, and next on your moving checklist is to hire a moving company. However, did you know that not all moving companies are created equally? There are some moving company scams that you could fall into where your move costs you more than you were expecting to pay. These moving tips can help you ensure a smooth moving experience.

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Research The Moving Company

One of the first things you should do is start researching the local moving companies you’d consider using for your move to your new home. You’ll want to find out about their history, which can often be found on their about us page, along with information on their crew, which may or may not have a page on their website dedicated to them. You’ll also want to research reviews on and off their website. Finally, list the companies you’d like to contact for a quote.

Get Estimates

Once you find companies you like, you should start reaching out for estimates on how much their service will cost you for your move. They should be able to give you a personalized quote. Getting an in-person inspection helps ensure their quote is as accurate as possible since they can visually see what’s being moved, as size and weight is just as important as mileage to a moving company. To get an idea of what your estimate might look like, use this moving cost calculator.

You’ll also want to find out if they are the movers or if they broker the move and subcontract the work to other movers. Be sure to get more information about the moving crew that a broker uses in case you’re considering their bid. You may not want to go with the moving company with the lowest or quickest bids. Sometimes the statement that you get what you pay for is true.

Ask Around

Don’t be shy. It would help if you asked your friends, family, and coworkers about the moving companies they used in the past. You may find the perfect company for your needs or learn about a company that you should skip because they had a bad experience with them. Be sure to ask for details on why they liked or didn’t like a company. You can also get a lot of information just by reading online reviews about the company.

Get it in Writing

Ensure that everything you are told is in a written contract to protect yourself. Contracts protect both you and the movers in case something goes wrong. It’s always a good idea to have proof of the agreement between both parties.

Coverage Options

You’ll want to be sure they are an accredited company with insurance that includes damage and liability coverage. You don’t want to think that something will go wrong on the day of your move, but it’s always a good idea to ensure you’re protected no matter what happens.

Pick and Choose What Your Mover Moves

You may think that you should let your moving company handle everything. Still, it can be a good idea to move your most valuable items yourself, even if they have significant liability and damage coverage. Some things are priceless because they can’t be replaced. For example, the jewelry you inherited from your grandmother is much safer with you during your move.

Common Moving Scams

Here are just a few of the common scams to look out for and protect yourself from:

  • Poor estimates turn into huge actual bills due to no on-site inspection or a lazy inspection
  • Requesting a large deposit upfront
  • Moving companies that change their name often to avoid bad reviews
  • Blank contracts
  • Undisclosed extra fees
  • Lack of insurance or other coverage

Doing some homework and researching the companies you’re considering can help prevent you from falling prey to these moving scams.

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