Why fall is the best time to move

If you’re moving this time of year, congratulations! You’re beating the heat and dodging the cold, as well as receiving certain privileges (should you decide to hire movers). Learn why you chose the best time to move, and use the following insider tips to get the best of your relocation this fall.

Inexpensive Rates

Industry insiders refer to summer as moving season. Because most people move from May-August, professional movers typically charge premiums for their services. However, you’ll avoid these extra charges by moving after August.

Insider Tip: For the cheapest rate, move on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of October or November. Avoid the beginning and end of the month (when leases tend to start/end), and on weekends (when most people schedule their moves).

Experienced Movers

Since business drops by September, companies tend to layoff their temporary, seasonal workers. That means the ‘old crew’ continues, and you have the most seasoned, experienced movers handling your precious cargo.

Insider Tip: Hot chocolate + travel cups = happy movers. After being blown away by your kindness, they may be compelled to give your furniture extra TLC.

Good Weather

Fall is arguably the nicest time of the year. And if you’ve ever moved in the summer, then you don’t need explaining as to why it’s a more comfortable season to relocate in.

Insider Tip: Wet leaves = potential safety hazard. Keep a broom and rake on-hand, and continue clearing the path for movers. Also, dress in layers! With the season being temperamental, you’ll want to stay comfortable.

Experience Movers

Community Events

Fall is a great time to meet new people in your community. School is back in session (which is great if you have kids). And, It’s also a time for church chili cook offs and autumn family park days. Check with your new town’s local community organizations for what they have planned and then attend all of them.

Insider Tip: You might’ve gotten used to driving 35 mph past the high school while you shopped for homes during summer, but it could mean a hefty ticket for not observing the new 15 mph restriction in your less-than-subtle, giant moving truck.

About the author: Jaclyn Lambert is a self-proclaimed moving expert, spreading her knowledge across the web with HireAHelper.com , a site for comparing and booking moving labor.

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