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Construction Boom USA: The Top 5 Cities For New Apartments

The U.S. apartment market is red hot. More than 320,000 new units projected to be completed this year – a 50 percent jump over 2015 –according to Strong demand from millennials,

Luxury Doomsday Bunkers: 4 Spots to Sit Out the Apocalypse

We’ve all been there. Sitting up at night, awake in bed, thinking about what you would do if the worst happened. What if aliens invaded right now? Or what if

6 Profit Killing Repairs to Consider Before Selling Your House

Should you fix it? Should you fix it? Should you fix it?   Should you fix it? Should you fix it? Should you fix it?

8 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Condo

If you’re shopping for a condominium, you’ll see enticing prices, landscaped grounds and shimmering pools that you don’t have to sweat every weekend to maintain. You may even find a condo

How to Sublease Your Apartment

Whether you’re spending the summer with family in another state or traveling overseas for an extended period of time, subleasing can ease some of the stress of paying rent while