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Messy car? 6 tips to keep it clean and organized

I feel like an expert on the subject of messy cars. Mine is a receptacle for work and school papers, sports equipment, mail, reusable grocery bags, pens and pencils, coffee

The hidden risks of home storage

When you're scoping out a new place to live, the storage spaces are probably one of your top considerations. Does the home feature walk-in closets or tiny closets? How large is

How to store camping gear: 8 tips

One of the least enjoyable, but most important part of the camping experience is preparing for and storing your gear after you break camp. Whether you keep it in your

How to store a boat

Your boat isn’t just your pride and joy, but it’s likely one of your most expensive possessions. Most boats owners will need to store their boats during colder months, if not

Death and storage: 5 tips for dealing with loss

The death of a loved one, whether it’s a child, parent, sibling or grandparent, is one of the greatest difficulties you will ever face. While it is hard enough to