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Professional Organizer Advice: Making the Most of a Storage Shed

I honestly don’t mind projects. In fact, I embrace them, and rub my hands together with glee when I come across a new one. But over time, I’ve figured out that

Storage on the moon

Convenience is one of the key factors when picking a place to store your stuff. Perhaps you’re keeping your possessions in a storage unit three miles from your home. So

How To Store Antique Furniture

Has your great aunt’s writing desk graduated from being a cool conversation starter to a bona fide antique? If so, you’ll need to put some thought into how you’re storing it.

The 10 craziest self-storage discoveries

Forget snakes on a plane; imagine finding a couple hidden among the contents of a storage unit you just purchased at auction. Auctioneer Rich Schur, the owner of "My weirdest unit

How to store weed

While storing weed dates back to ancient Egypt, we’re fortunate enough to have better options than clay pots in the 21st century. Now that marijuana is legal